SULAMIZ is a century national brand that built with healthy & high-end products.

Established in 1983, SULAN is a company specialized in intelligent household appliances like electric kettle, rice cooker, pressure cooker, Induction cooker, meat grinder, blender and vacuum cup etc..

Guangdong Sulan Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, where is famous as manufacturing center of Household Appliances. We have a large production base, which include Sichuan branch, Shanxi branch, Chongqing branch, Guizhou branch, Hube branch, Hunan branch, Jiangxi branch, Anhui branch, and Sulan Electrical Appliances Business School. And we are one of the largest enterprises in Zhongshan.

Upholding the principle of Respecting, Cultivating and Helping People, we are committed to improving the quality of life of consumers.

Our Vision is to build a century national brand with healthy high-end products.

Our Mission is to build a healthy community of Shared future for mankind.

We embrace what is next, that’s why our Core Value are Customer First, Dedication, Collaboration, and Innovation.

Innovation is one of the most important core value, that’s why SULAN invests 30% of our profits in R & D every year. We cooperate with some multinational companies from Japan, Germany etc., to keep the quality of our products, and our commitment to innovation make us a leader in our industry.

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